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Maximize income potental with the gig-economy

Getting your property ready has never been easier!!

Building your AirBnB empire has never been easier. With our ownership based approach, Pre Set Net gets your home ready for the new rentors, along with having a single point of contact to help build strategies and maximize the revenue of your property investment. We specialize in maximizing the start time of your property getting on the market in a competitive way. Getting paid upfront for an entire stay when the guest hits your doorstep give you the piece of mind to invite them in!

How it works

What's nice about AirBNB, you create the account and then add Pre Set Net as a helper to your listing to get everything dialed in, while controlling all of the revenue of your property. What if you want a website? No Problem. Pre Set Net offers a wide variety of website solutions starting at $500.00 for the 1st year. Every year after that, $300.00 covers the cost of the entire project. Some people do AirBnB, and a website to see what kind of guest they can find outside of AirBnB.

Getting started

Once your ready to make the move to virtual hosting in

the gig economy, we guide you through the rest. How the AirBnB

add looks, the wording, terms and conditions, we use English to

communicate what everything means. As a consumer of the

product and now a user of the product, AirBnB as a platform

protects property owners and provides the comfort tools to

start having guests staying on your property.

Why Pre Set Net <3's AirBnB!

Just like Uber, when you drive your car for someone you want to ensure you will be paid fairly, and easily for your services. Uber, essentially is the bank for your business along with finding customers; and most importantly in this case, paying you upfront for the valuable housing you have to offer.


The joke with Uber is the rider isn't really paying you. Uber is. AirBnB, just like Uber, cashes in on the simple process of pre-payment to secure the funding & property holds to help seamless expectations for services delivered, peer-to-peer. This keeps everything as clean as possible for a more modern, app-driven consumer.

Getting your property to start driving revenue in less than 90

days has never been easier or safer. We help you navigate the new economy online, faster with a helping hand.

To get started, book here with Pre Set Net to start your listing online, today!

Fresh Living Room
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1 on 1 AirBnB

Account Setup

Getting your AirBNB online

Account Creation, wording, and 60 minutes phone / video chat support 



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